Is Santa safe from Injury – By Adam Edwards

Christmas – is even Santa safe from injury this time of year?

Now, according to the Mirror, 80,000 of us Brits will somehow injure ourselves this Christmas, but is St. Nic going to somehow injure himself this Christmas?

Likely ways Santa will injure Himself this year include;

  1. Crashing his sleigh
  2. Rudolf  “kicks off “
  3. A heart attack
  4. The cold
  5. A stray bullet or missile from the middle east

Crashing his Sleigh

Setting the record straight on Whiplash

You might think it more appropriate for the blawger (Mr. David) rather than the blogger to pen this week’s blog. However what the Government is now proposing on PI (Personal Injury) is so patently silly from a consumer’s perspective that I volunteered to write it!

In the beginning the thrust of the government’s Legal Reform Bill – LASPO – which becomes law in April 2013, was both to reduce the level of PI claims, as many were seen to be spurious, and eliminate or reduce what were seen to be excessive cost and reward structures in the referral fee system. Nothing wrong with that, although alarm bells should have been ringing, when it became clear that the Insurance Industry have been one of the main puppet masters, guiding the Government’s thinking.

Safety in the Home – Top Ten Tips

As an alternative to Bon Voyage we often say safe home but just how safe is home sweet home and the food we eat?  Well according to Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents almost 3 million accidents occur in the home!

  1. More than 300,000 accidents happen in the living and dining room areas –   more than anywhere else making it the most dangerous place to be – so watching Sky Sports from your sofa whilst eating your Indian takeaway is much more dangerous than you thought! Outside of locking yourself in a cupboard it turns out that a greenhouse is the safest “room” to be in – rather surprising given all that glass….

Should cyclists have to wear helmets ?

In the past week we’ve had Bradley Wiggins come off  second best in a  Collision with an Astra Van   and the head coach of British Cycling suffer a bleed on the brain following a cycling collision on the A6 in nearby Levenshulme. Cycling accidents happen even to those who are trained to bob and weave at speed. I’m assuming that both were wearing helmets. I’d be surprised if they were not based on what Mr Wiggins has had to say in the past (see later) . 

Photo by Mostly Dans

Cars and Young People

The ABI – the Association of British Insurers – which is the trade organisation for insurance companies – has recently published a report ABI report aimed at improving the safety of Young Drivers. It recommends the following measures:

  • A minimum 12 month learning period before you sit your test
  • Banning intensive driving courses
  • The lowering of the age to 16 ½ for starting to drive
  • A graduated licensing scheme which would restrict numbers of young passengers that can be driven by a young driver during night time hours
  • A lowering of the blood alcohol concentration for drivers between 17-24

Ghouls Trying to Claim Your Soul this Hallowe’en.. and How to Stop Them

As personal injury specialists, we always have our eye on the accident pitfalls that can strike at any moment; and how best to ensure that people do what they can do make themselves safe.

That’s why, at this terribly dangerous time of year, we want to do what we can to make sure people are keeping themselves safe. Hallowe’en plays host to all sorts of terrible ghouls and creatures looking to steal your soul; if it isn’t the living dead crawling their way out of graves, it’s werewolves hunting you down in the night. So, with this in mind, we’ve put together a handy guide on what may try to harm you this Hallowe’en- and how to make sure they don’t succeed…

Stay Safe this Halloween & See Our Strangest Injuries

Halloween is that time of year when you allow children and teenagers a bit more leeway. When you understand that a few tricks or pranks are bound to be played and at the end of the day, are all part of celebrating this holiday.

However, it is no coincidence that October 31st and the days surrounding it are also the days with the highest number of recorded accidents. The really scary thing on Halloween is not the ghosts and ghouls but the increase in potential hazards!

Cows and People

As Cheshire lawyers, although we are based near major conurbations like Manchester and Liverpool, we are also fortunate to have easy access to wonderful countryside like the Derbyshire Peaks National Park, the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District. Although most of us would recognise the dangers inherent through poor weather conditions, whilst out and about, few of us would consider the threat caused by the humble cow.

Calving mother


Costly Workplace Injury Cases (and how to help avoid them!)

Whilst injuries at work have substantially decreased over recent years, cases of accidents in the workplace are unfortunately still rife, with statistics showing that 171 workers were fatally injured at work in 2010/11. A whopping 603,000 workers were victims of accidents in the workplace in the same year; 200,000 of which led to an absence from work of three days or more.

Rollercoaster Fun ?

I came across a story a few days ago  of a fairground ride in California that recently malfunctioned leaving  20 riders dangling 300 feet up for 4 hours! Eventually, after it had gone dark and the park had closed, the riders were all safely lowered back down, fortunately with no injuries. 

It actually turns out that this was the second problem with the ride in just a month! Get it fixed! 

At Edwards Hoyle we handle a number of fairground accident claims with litigation and claims against Oakwood Theme Park , Alton Towers , Drayton Manor Theme Park  and Greenwood Forest Park . After reading about the Californian drama ,  it made me think about other rollercoaster accidents and I decided to look into them in more detail.

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