Ghouls Trying to Claim Your Soul this Hallowe’en.. and How to Stop Them

As personal injury specialists, we always have our eye on the accident pitfalls that can strike at any moment; and how best to ensure that people do what they can do make themselves safe.

That’s why, at this terribly dangerous time of year, we want to do what we can to make sure people are keeping themselves safe. Hallowe’en plays host to all sorts of terrible ghouls and creatures looking to steal your soul; if it isn’t the living dead crawling their way out of graves, it’s werewolves hunting you down in the night. So, with this in mind, we’ve put together a handy guide on what may try to harm you this Hallowe’en- and how to make sure they don’t succeed…

1. Zombies

Typically, Zombies will drag themselves out of their miserable undead graves around midnight on Hallowe’en night, and will search for fresh victims to feast on human flesh or brains (according to their palettes). Easily identifiable by their grey, sullen features, gory open wounds and loud groans; zombies will catch the scent of living humans and hunt them down (quickly or slowly, dependant on injuries sustained before death etc).  Injuries likely to be sustained by a zombie include open flesh wounds, severe lesions and the contraction of deadly, brain-eating diseases.

How to Fight Them:

Luckily, there are several ways you can stave off an attack from a member of the living dead, despite them being notoriously difficult to kill (already being dead and all). To avoid contact altogether, it’s recommended to stay inside (preferably in a concealed basement, padlocked from inside) and ensure that all scent tracks are eliminated outside your home. This can be done by giving your front door/ path a quick splash of bleach before bolting yourself inside. If they do manage do break through the locks, then a blow to the head is the only way to kill them. Remember- a zombie’s brain is the only thing ‘living’ in its whole body, so keep a sledgehammer handy for a straight-to-head attack. Failing that, start acting like a zombie if one spots you and hope they accept you as one of their own.

2. Vampires

Whilst Robert Pattinson has done his best to portray vampires as thoughtful and brooding, DO NOT believe the hype. For centuries, vampires have sucked the life out of many an innocent victim on Hallowe’en, luring them in as lovers or simply swooping into bedrooms at night. Common injuries sustained from vampires include neck lesions, deep puncture wounds and a general aversion to light (leaving those of us with day-time careers in a real pickle).

How to Fight Them:

Luckily, you needn’t have to claim for personal injury suffered at the hands of a vampire, as there are things to do to avoid an attack altogether. Common deterrents include wearing garlic around the neck or bedposts, fit metal bars to bedroom windows and keep a vial of holy water handy to splash on the Vampire should it manage to get too close. If all else fails, a wooden stake through the heart will kill any vampire after your blood, so maybe pop one in your handbag/ briefcase just in case.

3. Werewolves

Although most common around full moons, one happens to be falling just two days before Hallowe’en this year, so extra precaution must be taken to make sure you’re not having to call in sick with a severe case of excess body hair and an anger management problem. Common injuries sustained from werewolves include lacerations to the body/ face, deep bite injuries and a need to shave every 10 minutes or so (particularly tricky for customer-facing professions).

How to Fight Them:

In order to avoid injury at the clutches of a werewolf, do not linger around any dark sections of woodland this Hallowe’en. If you do happen to cross their path, a silver bullet through the heart really is the only way to kill them, so keeping one handy (with a legal, licensed firearm) is the only way to protect yourself fully. Rumours suggest that dog treats could deter them from an attack, but these remain unconfirmed (and potentially pricey, dependant on how many you stock up on).

4. Ghosts

Ghosts are rife at this time of year, and although many will not try to harm you, a fright at an inopportune time can cause injuries in the form of trips, falls and shock; all of which could results in time taken off work.  Although there are no foolproof methods to warn off ghosts, rumours suggest that many ghosts avoid religious symbols at all costs, so carrying a cross and having a priest on-hand for any exorcism emergencies is always a good idea when trying to avoid spirit-induced injury.



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