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I came across a story a few days ago  of a fairground ride in California that recently malfunctioned leaving  20 riders dangling 300 feet up for 4 hours! Eventually, after it had gone dark and the park had closed, the riders were all safely lowered back down, fortunately with no injuries. 

It actually turns out that this was the second problem with the ride in just a month! Get it fixed! 

At Edwards Hoyle we handle a number of fairground accident claims with litigation and claims against Oakwood Theme Park , Alton Towers , Drayton Manor Theme Park  and Greenwood Forest Park . After reading about the Californian drama ,  it made me think about other rollercoaster accidents and I decided to look into them in more detail.

A warning to all of the adrenaline junkies about to continue reading this, they happen a lot more than you’d like to think! 

Here are a few worldwide statistics and 5 examples showing a wide variety of rollercoaster related  injuries that have happened to thrill seekers : 

  • Each year there are over 270,000,000 people who visit Amusement and Theme parks.
  • There are approximately 7,000 people that are treated in emergency rooms each year due to an amusement park accident.
  • There are approximately 4-5 deaths each year due to an amusement park accident.
  • The majority of amusement park accidents are never reported.
  • Statistics for death on rides are approximately 1 in 250 million riders.

(Law Leaf).


5. Rita Queen of Speed.



( Photo Courtesy of Uriba ) 

A 12 year old girl was treated for two sprained wrists, which after an x-ray turned out to be fractured after riding Alton Tower’s Rita, Queen of Speed.

The ride boasts of its high acceleration with it doing 0-60 in 2.5 seconds and is based on the sport of drag racing. The Mother of the girl called for stricter height restrictions, however, the theme park denied this was necessary stating “The ride is safe and no changes to the ride, height restrictions or operating procedures are deemed to be necessary.” 

 4.  Mumbo Jumbo.  

Rollercoaster injuries are not just limited to physical injuries. A woman spent 20 minutes stuck upside down on the World’s steepest rollercoaster at Flamingo Land in North Yorkshire  and now claims to suffer from regular distressing flashbacks. It turns out the mechanical failure resulted from a poncho stuck on the track.

  ‘It was so frightening, I am still getting flashbacks. Every time I close my eyes, I can see us hanging upside   down. I was terrified the restraints would fail and we would come crashing down, it was awful.’ (Daily Mail,    2010 )( Photo courtesy of Roller Coaster Philosophy)


3. Superman Tower of Power. 

A young girl lost both of her feet in 2007 after riding the Superman Tower of Power ride at renowned theme park chain, Six Flags in Kentucky. 

During the ride a cable broke and literally whipped off the girls feet, they were later recovered, however, unfortunately only one could be reattached. The family filed a lawsuit against the theme park but Six Flags denies responsibility. ( Photo coutesy of hagerman )







2. Luna Park. 

Ten people at a Russian theme park were left hanging upside down on a single wire on a rocket themed ride when the other safety wire broke.The Russian theme park blamed the accident on hot weather stating that this can sometimes cause safety wires to unravel. With theme parks normally being a summer attraction, I find this excuse quite worrying! 

Many of the people on the ride complained of head, back and neck ache after being lowered to the ground. 



1. Children’s ride! 

A Swedish man had his bottom impaled whilst riding a children’s go-kart style ride at a theme park in Sweden.The man jumped to the back of the car to allow his daughter to reach the pedals but didn’t realise there was a 6 inch tow bar protruding upwards from the back of the kart. The accident resulted in internal injuries and the man being prescribed morphine and penicillin. 

“It was terribly painful,” said the father. “It was a complete shock to the whole body.” (Examiner. 2012). 

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