Safety in the Home – Top Ten Tips

As an alternative to Bon Voyage we often say safe home but just how safe is home sweet home and the food we eat?  Well according to Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents almost 3 million accidents occur in the home!

  1. More than 300,000 accidents happen in the living and dining room areas –   more than anywhere else making it the most dangerous place to be – so watching Sky Sports from your sofa whilst eating your Indian takeaway is much more dangerous than you thought! Outside of locking yourself in a cupboard it turns out that a greenhouse is the safest “room” to be in – rather surprising given all that glass….
  2. In terms of utensils frying pans are especially dangerous causing more than 2,500 injuries – presumably fat related as there are no records of concussion. Although frying pan figures are not separately released in America, we know that 2% of domestic murders involve blunt instruments which may or may not include frying pans. The good news however is that in America women intent on murdering their partner tend not to use frying pans and that 69% turn to ….well a gun Guns-don’t-kill-people-frying-pans-kill-people .
  3. If you are house proud and thinking of entering Come Dine With Me, probably best to scan the guest list, and see if it contains the name Flynn as said gentleman broke more than £300,000 of Qing vases whilst tying his shoe laces Telegraph – what a Qinger!
  4. We have of course written about the dangers of the grape before in a supermarket environment. It turns out that the pumpkin, closely followed by the turnip are amongst the most dangerous vegetables according to this article in the Telegraph which is based on a survey by online takeaway company Just Eat . It turns out that most of the injuries are caused by us trying to imitate TV superchefs in the chopper department! In the same article Sheila Merrill, public health adviser at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), said: “The kitchen is where some of the most serious home accidents occur and cuts are among the most common types of injury to happen, with tens of thousands of people attending A&E as a result each year.”Good preparation is crucial when it comes to preventing kitchen accidents such as severe cuts, so make sure your knives are sharp and in a good condition, use a vegetable peeler where appropriate and do not rush chopping.”Keep knives out of the reach of children and, if you’re involving young children in food preparation, supervise them at all times and help them to develop good skills in the kitchen.”
  5. All very sensible advice and of course watch what you eat – the world’s most dangerous foods according to Just Eats include the Japanese Fugu or blowfish – 1,200 times more potent than cyanide – and the Sannakji or South Korean wriggling octopus so called because you chop its tentacles off before eating it whilst still wriggling – is that the diner or the octopus? The main danger of course is its tentacle suckers sticking to your throat on the way down causing asphyxiation ….revenge is sweet. Under no circumstances attempt preparing a pumpkin and turnip salad chopped a la Jamie, to accompany your Sannakji whilst reclining on your lounge sofa….  Here are some additional things to look out for from our own customer archives:
  6. Cowboy Carpenters A client from the North East fell victim to cowboy carpenters who, whilst installing a new central heating system at her home, removed floor boards to feed new heating pipes underneath the floor. Cuts were made at the edge of joists rather than in the middle of the joist. This meant that when the floorboards were re-laid, one side of the board was supported by a joist but the other was not. Our client was putting his daughter to bed when he stepped on a floor board and his  right leg when through the floor and ceiling below. He suffered leg and particularly knee injuries.
  7. Fire Brigade to the rescue   This Client lived  in a rented property with her family.  There has been a small hole in the bathroom floor of the property for about 4 weeks. Clients mum has informed the landlord that the hole was there and it was dangerous. Client was in the bathroom brushing her teeth when she stepped back and fell through the hole in the floor leaving her right leg dangling through the ceiling into the room below. The Ambulance and Fire Brigade were called and they had to cut around the client to get her out of the hole as her foot was stuck.
  8. Where Estate Agents fear to tread   Our  Client was viewing a house , for the second time ,  with an estate agent  . On the first occasion problems were noted including to the floorboards in the hall. On the second occasion our client walked in to the hall , followed by the estate agent , when after walking about 2 paces she fell through the floorboards. 
  9. You’ve been framed   Our client moved into his new property. Within the first month of living there our client and his family noticed the front door was loose and poorly fitted.  The condition of the door was reported to the council who  arranged for a workman to call. He inspected the door but indicated that he could not do the job at that point as he was going on holiday in the next couple of days but would arrange for someone else to come round and undertake the repairs. This didn’t happen in time as shortly afterwards our client went out of the front door and closed it behind him.  The whole door including the frame then fell on top of him.
  10. Juliette  wherefore art thou   Our  Client was leaning against a Juliette balcony in an apartment when the balcony fell out  falling 12 feet on to a car  below with our client following on behind. He broke one wrist and two elbows. The workman had not put in appropriate retaining devices and the whole thing was an accident waiting to happen.

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